If you belong to those who "hunt" escapes the strangest Greek beaches, this issue in relation. About.

Because in this case, Our theme is not another of the incredibly beautiful beaches for which the famous Thassos, but the phenomenon has managed to be discussed by lovers the whole world.

And this name "Gkiola". Or else ... "The tears of Venus', name derived from the legend that wants Zeus to create this dreamy lagoon to swim protected his mistress, Aphrodite.

Are you ready to dive in the green waters of unique natural pool in the world that just ... was purified from seaweed, urchins and slime to "erase" any trace presence overshadow the beauty of;

This natural "diamond" of Astris Thassos literally nestled among huge rocks, right beside the seaside. The depth of; About 3,5 meters.

Surrounded by rocks exceeding 8 meters, the Gkiola is a pleasant visual break from the dark blue waters of Thassos, as the blue-green color is one of the elements that make it different.

Here, Nevertheless, not talking about a simple natural pool, but for a geological phenomenon which is part of the reasons why it is worth to visit so special Thassos.

The Gkiola seems cut off from the sea, water to believed until recently that only by renewed waves "hit" in this. Some months ago, discovered underground places that spring clean seawater, which makes it even more safe and clean for the public.

Tourists arriving in this annual amount to hundreds. The locals, for their part, consider this special gift item nature attributes -as will tell you if you ask them- so I found it necessary to help as they can to keep the magical appearance.

In what way; Emptying and cleaning the Gkiola, making it unique natural pool at that time completely renewed ....

The clean-up operation lasted two full days and included the totalitarian emptied with the help of a massive pump and meticulous sweep of, of trash, algae and sea urchins!

Locals worked a lot and managed to make Gkiola beautiful than ever, as well as demonstrated again when filled with sea water waves, its surface is now clean and completely transparent, with crystal, warm waters beckon even the most demanding.

This year, the 'Venus tear "is undoubtedly at its best. The hassle to get anyone there -as required driving along a dirt road about four kilometers and a little walking- not a deterrent to reach up there.

The swimming, the diving and sunbathing on rocks, will compensate us in full.

What do you say; We left for Thassos;